Sunday, March 22, 2015

Don't Wait - Meditate (TM)

Did you know the average person waits 42- 60 minutes a day?  And yet most people say they don't have the TIME to meditate.

Well, what if you converted your waiting time, into meditating time?

Think about all the times you've waited in the last few days:
-In line at the grocery store
-Before an appointment/meeting
-For a phone call
-For a computer program to download
-To pick up someone
-For someone to arrive...and the list goes on and on.

You can start incorporating meditation into your daily life by taking those waiting moments and turning them into meditating moments.

Next time you're waiting for an appointment, or waiting in line at the grocery store:
-Observe your breath:  Notice each inhale/exhale
-Feel the aliveness inside your body (feet/hands)
-Smile from the inside

Here is a video of me explaining this concept (recorded a long time ago but still pertinent).

I'll be introducing a lot of videos on this blog from an old meditation library I created a while back!

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