Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tips to Introduce Essential Oils to Your Patients

Many of you know that I'm committed to helping naturopaths, chiropractors and acupuncturists incorporate essential oils into their practice, so today I made a video of simple tips alternative health professionals can use to introduce their patients to essential oils.


The video assumes you have already sampled essential oils and are a wholesale member  (See below on how to get your FREE samples and become a wholesale member if you are not) and are starting to offer the essential oils for retail in your office/clinic.

NOTE:  If you aren't already a wholesale member and haven't received your FREE samples, please go to:  http://www.dropsforwellness.com

The first tip mentioned was to display the essential oils in a prominent location in your office/clinic.  This is a sample of a nice display stand.  These are available at www.aromatools.com  They also have banners and signs.

You'll also want to have 2-3 copies of the book Modern Essentials available.   This is the "bible" for essential oil usage.  The books can be purchased at www.aromatools.com as well.

When you become a wholesale member you'll receive an introductory kit which includes LIVING magazine.  Place this in your waiting area with all of your other magazines. It contains great information about essential oils, co-impact sourcing, cleaning ideas and recipes and much more.

You'll want to start get your patients used to essential oils by experiencing them.  I would highly recommend that you make some foaming hand wash using essential oils. 

Next, DIFFUSE the oils in your waiting area.  Studies have shown that citrus aromas reduce anxiety.   What a great way to help your patient prepare for their treatment right when they walk in the door.  It will reduce their anxiety as well as yours and your employees.

You could even place an educational tent card like the one below, next to it. 

On another google video I will explain how to introduce your patients to your wholesale website, let them know you are offering essential oils in your clinic and even offer classes!

If you are interested in incorporating essential oils into your practice go to:  http://www.dropsforwellness.com to get your free samples and find out how to become a wholesale member.

If you have any questions call or email me at (503) 349-5710 or lovemyoils15@gmail.com

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