Monday, May 11, 2015

FREE online Essential Oils Educational Summit

I'm loving these talks!   They are for ANYONE interested in learning more about essential oils. Register for this free educational event!

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Here's today's topics...

Here's a list of the topics for the ENTIRE week!

Day 1:  May 11
Essential Oil Adulteration – Robert Pappas
Biblically Based Essential Oil Uses – Jordan S. Rubin
Using Essential Oils for the Ultimate Birth Experience – Penny Lane
Homeopath and Mother Raised Children with No Meds, Ever – Joette Calabrese
Empowering Emotions With Essential Oils- Sue Lawton, RN

Day 2:  May 12
Essential Oils for Gut, Thyroid and Adrenals – Josh Axe
Essential Oils for Animals – Janet Roark, DVM
Essential Oils for Ear, Nose and Throat Health – Josh Yorgason
Energy Work, Deep Healing and Essential Oils
A Urologists’ Perspective on Essential Oils – H. David Mitcheson

Day 3:  May 13
Essential Oils and the Evidence Based Approach to Natural Care – Sayer Ji
A Cancer Survivor’s Story – Allison Huish
Super Charged Immunity – David Jockers
Cancer and Essential Oil Research – Eric L. Zielinski
Quest for the Cure – Ty Bollinger

Day 4:  May 14
Antibiotic Resistance: How Essential Oils can Help – Jessie Hawkins
Autoimmunity and Essential Oils- My Story – Melody Watts
Natural Essential Oil Pain Remedies – DaNelle Wolford
Natural Essential Oil Stress Remedies – Hayley Hobson

Day 5:  May 15
Essential Oils Around the Homestead – Jill Winger
DIY Natural Beauty Products –Jacky Ritz
Why Every Prepper Needs Essential Oils – Erica Mueller
Culinary Uses for Essential Oils – Shaye Elliott

Day 6:  May 16
Essential Oil Safety –Nyssa Hanger
Plant Scents that Transcend World Culture – Kerry Hughes
Animal Aromatherapy – Kelly Holland Azzaro
Essential Oil Confessions from a Retired Massage Therapist – Angela England

Day 7:  May 17
The Art of Responsibility – Gilles LaMarche
Using Essential Oils for Beauty and High Performance Health – Erica and Isaac Jones
The Fight to Preserve Our Right to Use Natural Remedies – Jonathan Landsman
Living the Innovated Life with Essential Oils – Callie and David Steuer, MD

Day 8:  May 18

Encore Day – Favorite Speakers of the week.

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