Monday, May 18, 2015

Meditation Monday - A Visual Meditation

For Meditation Monday I wanted to share a "Visual Mediation" that I created and did the voice over for, a few years back.  The wonderful music is from my friend Eric Montgomery. And the great footage is from my friends at HDenvironments (used with permission).  (See below for more information)

Literally watching a sunset or looking at the ocean can BE a meditation.  I'd encourage you to take 10 minutes and watch this video and meditate.  It gives you some guidance, but you can also go out and look at the ocean, or sit in the forest or park and meditate in real nature!  This video will hopefully show you how!  Enjoy!  #meditation, #meditationmonday, #visualmeditation

 HD Environments creates beautiful DVD's with extraordinary footage! I have most of these DVD's and love to put them in while I'm working at home.  I also will sit and just meditate at the beautiful scenery!  Here's some of my favs!  (The footage above was taken from the Pacific Coast DVD!)

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