Monday, May 25, 2015

Meditation: Observe your Breath

It's Meditation Monday!  #meditationmonday, #mondaymeditation.  This Monday I'm going to start with one simple meditation technique and over the weeks I'll be revealing more.

Today's simple meditation tip is to start by OBSERVING YOUR BREATH.

Start by taking a few minutes today by just observing your breath.  You don't have to be sitting, you can do it while walking, emptying the dishwasher OR watching TV.  Though some people find it helpful when first starting to close their eyes and remove distractions, but once you're familiar with this technique, you should be able to do it anywhere!

Just observe your breath as it goes inside and outside!  That's it.  It's that simple.

I've attached a link to a YouTube video that I did 5 years ago (when my hair was brown or when I was dying it brown, lol) that describes FIVE simple meditation techniques.  The first one is this one.  You can watch the video up to this technique and then save the others for the following weeks or you can skip ahead and watch them all!  (I have a whole library of meditation videos)

Meditation can be simple!


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