Monday, June 1, 2015

Meditation Technique: Feel the aliveness in an area of your body

Here's part two of meditation techniques for Meditation Monday #meditationmonday.  You can also watch the video below. (Part one is also included)

Last Monday, I mentioned the simple tip of "Observing your breath."  Another tip is just to notice/feel the aliveness in a particular area of your body, say your right foot.  Sometimes a question can be helpful.  Eckhart Tolle uses this question "Without moving or touching my right foot, how do I know it exists?"  Bring your attention/awareness to your right foot.  Feel the aliveness.  Hold your attention there.  Then see if you can feel it in other areas of your body.  #eckharttolle, #meditation, #meditationtips, #meditationtechniques

A technique used in Eastern Meditation practices is to ask "What's going on inside my body?"  This can be another question that can help bring your awareness inside.  The questions are just pointers.  Then try to keep your attention/awareness focused on your inner body. 

Again, you can do this meditation anywhere.  While waiting in line at the grocery store, feel the aliveness in your feet.  While petting your dog, feel the aliveness in your hands. Before bed, feel the aliveness in your body. (You can also scan your body which is another technique, just shifting your awareness to various areas of your body).

Here's part two of my meditation techniques:

Here's part one if you missed it last week:

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