Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thinking of Switching to a Plant Based Diet?

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Are you thinking about switching to a plant-based diet?  If so, I want to direct you to some helpful resources.  Many of you know that I switched to a plant-based diet because of health issues.  When I did, I lost weight and am now almost back to the weight I was in college!

And I'm feeling better!  I don't feel as bloated as I once did and my bad cholesterol and CRP (C Reactive Protein which is an inflammatory marker) all went down!  AND I feel better about not harming animals or the environment.   (I admit that some times I cheat and have cheese when eating out, but for the most part I try to maintain a plant-based diet.).

Here are some resources that helped me take the plunge.  And then some cookbooks that made it easier and enjoyable.  My husband even approves of most of the recipes!

MOVIES:  I had a Netflix binge earlier this year and watched Vegucated, Forks Over Knives and Hungry for Change.  I would highly recommend watching all three!

BOOKS:   I read The China Study, which is an extensive study that will blow your mind and really make you think twice about dairy.

And WHOLE, by the same author (LINK below)  This one's an updated version with much of the same information as the China Study.  After reading this you'll want to get rid of frozen, packaged, processed food!  (Which is a good thing)


COOKBOOKS:  Okay, now here's where it gets fun!  I have to admit I am not a cook!  My husband did most of the cooking and he made lots of pasta and meat dishes!  So when I made the switch I had to learn to cook AND learn to cook healthy stuff!  I have THREE favorite cookbooks, links below.  And they are even approved by my husband!  All of them have high Amazon ratings too!

Oh She Glows! Cookbook.  This is probably my favorite!  She makes it really easy.  And tells you what staples you need.  And the recipes are yummy!

But I definitely use these TWO as well!

Forks Over Knives Cookbook

The China Study Cookbook

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