Monday, July 6, 2015

Simple Meditation Tips

Many years ago I ran 21 day meditation circles via teleconference.  They were intended to help people develop the habit of meditation (ie: incorporate meditation into their daily life). 

At this time I also did a series of videos to offer helpful tips.  I have four simple tips to incorporate meditation into your daily life:

1)  Don't Wait - Meditate (TM)  - Convert your waiting time into meditating time.  Next time you are waiting in line at the store, observe your breath.  Next time you are on hold on the phone, feel the aliveness within.  If you did this ONE simple tip you'd be meditating daily!  #dontwaitmeditate

2)  Pick a Daily Activity to Meditate:  You can meditate any time throughout the day. In the 21 day circles (toward the end), I invite people to pick a daily activity to incorporate their meditation.  Mine was emptying the dishwasher.  Every time I empty the dishwasher, I would do it "mindful."  I would feel the aliveness in my hands, observe my breath, etc.  You can meditate while brushing your teeth in the morning.  You can meditate while in the shower.  Pick one activity and start meditating while doing that activity.

3)  Have your Cat/Dog be your Meditation:  Petting you cat can be your meditation.  Be fully present with your cat while petting it.  Walking your dog can be your meditation too! 

4)  Meditate while Driving!  I know this one may sound crazy at first.  And no I don't mean close your eyes and meditate.  That's unsafe!  This is more of a "mindful" activity and please use your judgement and always be alert while driving.  But you can notice the aliveness in your hands as they grip the steering wheel.  Or notice your breath while at a stop light.

These simple tips can help you meditate daily.  #meditationtips, #meditation 

Here's a video of me discussing these simple tips:

Here's the meditation library for techniques and more:


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