Sunday, December 6, 2015


Image by Jon Sullivan Wikimedia Commons
I'm really fed up with gun violence.  Does anyone really believe that we, as individuals, need a semi-automatic weapon with a large capacity cartridge? 

I'm tired of gun violence being blamed on mental illness.  Guns make mental illness lethal.

I'm tired of hearing if so and so had a gun when so and so attacked there would have been less casualties.  Really?  Don't you think if everyone had a gun, or even a handful of people had guns, that there would be more lives lost in the crossfire?

I'm tired of hearing about Second Amendment rights.  What about my right to be safe from all the gun-toting people around me?

I'm tired of my uterus being more regulated than guns.   How does that make any sense?

I'm tired of religious intolerance and racism/hatred. 

I'm tired of so many things that I'm too tired to write all of them all down.

But I'm mostly tired of feeling helpless.

What can I do?  I sign the petitions, I vote, I call or email my representatives, I give money to non-profit organizations working for change.  And yet I still feel helpless.

So this week all I can do is light a candle expressing my frustration, saying "Enough!"  I'm shining my one light into the dark abyss we live in, hoping for change.


Feel free to use the above image is you wish to shine your light.

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