Monday, December 28, 2015

Meditation Puzzling?

As a meditation teacher I've found that one of the biggest obstacles to meditation is that people think it's too hard so they don't try it or they give up soon after trying.  But meditation is really very SIMPLE and you can do it anywhere!  But first we have to let go of our previous misconceptions about what meditation is.

Meditation is really just "present moment awareness."  That's it!  It's not sitting in some weird position with your phone turned off, listening to some new-agey music!  It's BEING fully present in the moment!

This definition of meditation is quite liberating!  So here's an idea to help you get started meditating.

Work on a Jigsaw Puzzle

Me meditating 
What?!  You may think I've lost it but bare with me.  When you're working a jigsaw puzzle you usually are just concentrated on that task.  You're not thinking about your work schedule tomorrow or that blunder you made in the past.  You're totally present in the moment.   Therefore, you're meditating!

I was working at my computer all day, writing and I just needed to let go and relax so I got out a puzzle.  I was completely lost in it!  I was joyous and relaxed.  Not thinking about the future or the past.

I'd invite you to try it.  Don't let meditation puzzle you!

*I will be offering more meditation tips on this blog in 2016 to show you how simple meditation can be!  #meditation #meditate #howtomeditate, #meditationtechnique, #mindfulness


  1. Excellent article Lisa. Thank you! I do enjoy puzzles and haven't worked on any lately, but they do have a great calming effect.


    Eric V

  2. ....I *do* like new-agey music though. :-)

  3. LOL, me too Eric. I just meant it's not needed to meditate :)