Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Chiropractors & Essential Oils; Helping your Patients and your Practice

Chiropractors & Essential Oils

Helping your Patients and your Practice

Helping your Patients:  

A complaint I've heard from many wellness professionals, especially Chiropractors, is that they don't fully know how to support their patients BETWEEN visits.  I mean, you can only do so much, right?  

You see them for 15-30 minutes, give them an adjustment and then they're gone until next month.  You know the importance of self-care, reducing their toxic load and nutrition but how are you going to give them the tools they need to stay healthy between visits?

This is where essential oils come in.  Essential oils can help your patients
manage their self-care between visits.  They can also help them reduce their toxic load (using essential oils for cleaning and personal products).  Essential oils also help support the immune system, support sleep, aid digestion, support weight loss, provide nutrition (through supplements) and much much more...

By incorporating essential oils into your practice you are empowering your patient to take control of their own health.  And they'll love you for it!

Helping your Practice:

You may just be starting your practice, in which case you are competing with all of the other established chiropractors trying to attract patients

Wouldn't it be nice to find a way to ATTRACT patients to you business?  I'm sure most Chiropractic schools don't go over the business aspect as much as they should.   Incorporating essential oils into your clinic can help you attract new clients.  You or a team member can teach classes at your clinic (I'd be happy to help with this, especially if you live in Albuquerque, NM).

Studies show that most people are interested in 
alternative health.  Especially with the rising costs of health care and the side-effects of many drugs.  Classes are an excellent way to gain public exposure and attract new patients!

Or you may already have an established practice, but you are probably very well aware that when you don't see patients, you don't make money.  You may be looking to add an additional income stream to your practice.

Incorporating essential oils into your clinic is also a way to earn PASSIVE income.  You don't have to trade time for money any more.    (I can show you how to grow your business with essential oils, see below).  In fact, many chiropractors and naturopaths on our team have retired from their practice because they discovered they can EARN more money with essential oils!  Incorporating essential oils into your practice will give you an additional income stream!  And a good one, at that.

You can
retail the oils in your clinic and make a profit that way.  You'll quickly discover that many of your patients will come back for more of the oils/products.  Then you, or a team member, or myself, can show them how to get WHOLESALE prices like you!   They will love you for this.    They can actively manage their own healthcare, receive discounts and get their products sent directly to them!  In fact, my naturopath turned me on to essential oils and I'll be forever grateful.   They've changed my life.

Some of your patients (about 10%) may be interested in growing a business with essential oils.  And I'm sure you have colleagues, coworkers or friends who might also be interested in growing their business with essential oils.  Once you start building a TEAM you will quickly start realizing your dream of passive income!

Popular essential oils for Chiropractors include;  Deep Blue Rub (cooling and warming for problem areas), Past Tense (for tension relief), Balance (for grounding), Onguard (for immune support), Breathe (for respiratory support), Serenity (for sleep support) and DigestZen (for healthy digestion).

Some Chiropractors who employ massage therapists are interested in having their therapists learn the
AromaTouch technique.  This can also help you differentiate yourself in the crowded market place.  The Aroma Touch technique is a specific application of essential oils to create a feeling of overall wellness.

I can help you get started with essential oil selection, tips for easily incorporating them into your clinic,  training (for yourself and employees), marketing, teaching classes and much more!

Would you like to try some
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