Friday, October 6, 2017

Naturopaths & Essential Oils

A consistent challenge for most Naturopaths is to find ways to support their patients BETWEEN visits.  And what better way to do that through Essential Oils?

Think of Essential Oils as another "tool" in your arsenal of health and well-being.

Essential Oils help patients manage their self-care and become proactive in their own health.  Essential oils can also help your patients reduce their toxic load and they can support sleep, the immune system and more.

My naturopath introduced me to Essential Oils and I will be FOREVER GRATEFUL.  They have literally changed my life.

Now, I've reduced my toxic load by making most of my own cleaning and health/beauty products.  And I turn to Essential Oils for sleep support, mood management, immune support and much more!

They are cost effective and have no side effects!

So if you are a Naturopath who wants to EMPOWER your patients to be pro-active in their own healthcare, email me at and let me send you FREE samples of Therapeutic grade essential oils.

I can help you EASILY incorporate them into your clinic and show you how to earn a nice, passive, residual income as well.  This is what I do!  (And you'll be joining a team of naturopaths and chiropractors committed to alternative health).

Looking forward to speaking with you,

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